I signed up for a thing and I’m terrified

So here we go. October 19-22 I’ll be attempting 29029 which is basically climbing a trail on Stratton 17 times in 36 hours. Each ascent is 1.35 miles with a total of 22.4 miles should I complete all 17. Though it’s the shortest of the 29029 moutains, it is the steepest. I just don’t have the desire for the tri life anymore. trying to be good at 3 sports (and flailing), idk, I just don’t have it in me right now. Once I left my tri team last year, the flame really died. I figured, ok, this is walking. I can do that (and yes, I’m aware it’s much more than that but you get my drift)

Right now, my fitness level ain’t great. After years of doing triathlons and 5ks, I’ve spent the last 6 years letting my fitness journey be delayed by big things at first and then little things. I’m not gonna rehash it all here. You can look at previous posts for all the dirty laundry.

For now, I’m not gonna let fear stop me. Fear of failure, fear of looking foolish.

I’ve been working out with HAOS strength training off and on (ok, mostly off) since November and I’m definitely stronger. My goal is to amp that up and be more consistent.

I (stupidly? jk) signed up for the BAA 5k which is 7 weeks from tomorrow. I started training for that way late, waiting til last week. I’ve started the Couch to 5k program for the fifty billionth time. My friend Landon has been a big inspiration as I’ve followed his running journey. Of course, his amazing fiancee Tricia really started getting my gears going towards running again as she tackles personal milestone after milestone with grace. And Shultzy. Watching him complete the Marathon last year was nothing short of inspiring. Funny how my Key West peeps still impact my life in a huge way. thanks guys!

Heather Gaines did this a couple of years ago and just blew me away with her dedication. I’ve been following Jesse Itzler for years (I was first, LD girls!) and have always been intrigued by the events he does. So with HG’s brand of enthusiasm, I bit the bullet and signed up for this. I know she’ll be in my corner every step of the way!!!

There was another person that I told at the beginning and I was met with instant discouragement. Proving this person wrong is another movitivater for sure.

My buddy Will is serving as my accountability coach for sure. he’s already a pain in my ass so he’s perfect for it. (i kid, I kid).

So here we go…….

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2 Responses to I signed up for a thing and I’m terrified

  1. Kerry says:

    You so got this! Looking forward to seeing/reading that you crushed it!

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