oops! I did it again

wow. sooooooo…..it’s been awhile, eh? I had every intention of writing a wrap up of my experiences with TriKW in December with one blog. Then a year in review with another blog. Then another one with my 2014 plans. And maybe how my training is going so far in another blog. Yeah…..then I didn’t write at all.ย 

So let’s take care of those blogs quickly:

-got passed by a woman with a basket on her bike. Like a wicker basket. Was slower than last year (me, not the Wicked Witch. Bitch was flying).

-Had highs and lows. More highs than lows. But the lows were REALLY low.

-FKCC Sprint Tri, Nautica, some running races, etc.

-really, really, spectacularly crappy.

There! 4 blogs in four bullet points. We’re all caught up!!! After TriKW I was really down on myself. After training so hard and improving, to come back and suck was just too much. I can now look back on it and say “yup, everyone has an off race day and that was mine (or was it Nautica? or FKCC Tri?, nope it was TriKW)” After taking the rest of December into January for my pity party of one, I got back at it and started training. And then I hurt my knee. D’oh!! So rest of January, February and into this month has been rest, knee feels great so go go go, knee hurts, rest, repeat. Oh well! I’m still managing to lose weight. I’ve decided to do the FKCC Sprint 3/22 as a swim/bike biathlon (if I’m STILL last, I may set myself on fire at the finish line) and then play it by ear for Nautica (or SoBe Tri as it’s called this year) two weeks later.ย 

I bet you’re thinking “Man, I did NOT miss this blog”. too bad, cause I’m BACK!

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8 Responses to oops! I did it again

  1. Erin says:

    I did miss your blog! Glad you’re back!

  2. Heidi Dunkelberg says:

    Keep working! I have been trying to run a 5K every week for the last 12 weeks, I am 10 for 12! Bummer part, I haven’t lost an weight! So, I have decided that I am OK with being an in-shape fat girl! I think it is the most I can hope for! The “Super Model” thing just isn’t going to work, so like the song says- I “Let It Go”! Thanks for the fun blog!!

  3. Sarah Lawlor says:

    You’ve been missed. X

  4. Oh how I have missed you!!

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