Looking Back…(or how I choose to remember)

I always hate when tv shows I love bill an episode as “new” yet it’s just a recap of past episodes or a clip show. I mean, really. I’m a fan. Don’t show me stuff I’ve already watched and call it “new”. Just cause you’ve got a little writer’s block and are out of ideas. Jees. Writers can be so lazy.

So, here’s my 2015 Clip Show! (what? I’m tired)

Started the year off with my eyes on the SoBe Tri in April.


Wanted to start off light(ish) and supporting our local Sprint Tri: FKCC Sprint Triathlon. It was going to be a little different for me as I would be racing alongside a Special Olympics Relay Team. It was interesting training. I spent 1-2 times a week training with my Athletes who required varying levels of attention.


Packet pickup L to R: Linnea, Jennifer, Michael

Race day was an experience I’ll never forget and definitely one of the highlights of my year. Before the race I wasn’t sure if any of them would be able to go the distance. I knew better than to doubt them. They hit it out of the park! Each of them showed a determination and just true love and enthusiasm for competition that taught me a lot about how a good attitude can get you far!


Up next was the dang SoBe Triathlon “classic”. It was anything but.ย Food Poisoning, Swim, T1=medical tent, attempted bike=FAIL

sobe 15


Much more fun! The MaraTri 9. Just a super fun race weekend. Few of us stayed up in Marathon the night before. Had a fun race! then went to watch a friend dominate at Miami Man Speedway. Any weekend that is all about Tri is a great weekend! (cough DORK cough)

maratri 15

Me and my steed at MaraTri9



Heartland Sprint Tri. fun race! hilly (for me), vomity (not unusual at that point), finished.

Heartland 15

One of us is wicked fast. The other one is me (why yes, my number is backwards)



(lordy, this wrap up is boring me. sorry!)

Mack Cycle Tri

Last minute course change on bike. Lots and lots of vomit (I think I have race bulimia) but 1st podium at a bigger race! Score!!

Mack Cycle 15

winner winner chicken dinner! (which if I were racing right after, I’d probably vom)


RocketMan Tri

Went with my favorite race travel buddy. Hilariously bad swim conditions (super shallow: couldn’t swim, had to walk. Swalk PR), best bike ever around Cape Canaveral!! Run was good. finally got my act together and didn’t vom. Thanks BASE! Just a super fun race weekend.

rocketman finish

Somebody is glad to be finished. and looking super sexy (or like I’m mid seizure)


DECEMBER (I know, thank god this wrap up is almost done)

TriKW (sprint)

Got kicked in the shoulder during the swim by Bret Favre (not really), wet bike, great run. PR! And best post race party of the bunch. I definitely PR’d in Fireball.

TriKW 15.jpg

This race and the year are finished!!

OK, to sum up: Great races, some injuries, LOTS of vomit. good times

Thanks to everyone who has supported me on and off the race course and this blog!

Special thanks to Liz Love (Liz Love Fitness), StayFit Studio Key West for sponsoring me, Key West TriClub for all the support and my crew and boss at Lazy Dog Adventures Key West for covering me so I could take off and race.

2015 medals

Bling bling…hello?

And a funny look at the map of my readers in 2015. Guess I should learn Portuguese?

2015 countries

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4 Responses to Looking Back…(or how I choose to remember)

  1. Darla says:

    I love the comment about having race bulimia! Thanks so much for doing what you do and being an inspiration!!

  2. Sarah says:

    I love it. Looking forward to reading all that you achieve in 2016. An inspiration to us all. X

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