Streaking Back to Life

Hey Campers!
I’ve been very neglectful of this blog. And my health, quite frankly. It’s been a rough couple of years and I haven’t gotten up off the mat as quickly as I usually do. Plus when I’ve started to stand up, something else would come and knock me down again. It just became easier to stay down. What’s been happening? Since 3/17: dog died, Hurricane Irma, suicides of acquaintances, suicide of close friend, big/stressful work audit, injuries, illness, I got a splinter, had a tummy ache, someone looked at me (when you’re down, doesn’t every little thing get you down?) blah blah blah and on and on. Bored yet? I am too. We all have stuff going on that can be just overwhelming. You feel like you’re just beneath the surface of the ocean and you can see daylight above but you just can’t get to it. Or you do but then a giant wave comes and back down you go. But I got help. I’ve asked for it professionally and personally and to quote CJ Gregg: “The help’s helped”.

Anyway, I’ve barely worked out. I’ve barely kept a hold on my healthy eating. I’ve slipped more than I’ve stood solid, yada, yada, yada. The past couple months, I’ve finally felt back to normal (whatever that is). I’m still struggling with training. I’ll be fully kitted out in my bike gear and it’s just like there’s a physical wall blocking the door. It’s crazy! I’ve experienced that before to some degree but never to this level. I’m basically having to start from scratch. Again. For like the 92nd time. And then it just becomes a habit NOT to work out. Doesn’t even cross my mind some days!

I’ve decided to try to kickstart myself with something a friend posted this morning, My friend Katie Pridemore has a Runs Streak going for 1,792 days!! that’s almost 5 YEARS!!!! I’ve followed her through it as she’s run through illness, pregnancies and more. And every day, she gets out there and runs (at least) a mile. It’s one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen anyone do. She happened to post an article about Run Streaks today:  Runner’s World Run Streaking And it got me thinking. Tomorrow it’ll have me doing. I’ve always done well with streaks (though I’ve never gone streaking). Maybe this will be the kick start I need. I’ve got to start over in training and maybe this will help.

One Mile a Day. 35 Days. Now, I won’t be able to run the whole mile right now which is definitely embarrassing. I’m starting with run/walk and hoping to run (at least) a mile by the end of it.

Who wants to join me?

Facebook group:

GilmourGirl Run Streak 2019 Holidays



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3 Responses to Streaking Back to Life

  1. GilmourGirl says:

    Thanks Hillary! absolutely always better to start again!! Happy New Year!

  2. There is always the opportunity to start over … until one day there isn’t. I frequently lament the lost time, the wasted opportunities, but I know that’s wasted energy. Better to start anew than to stay stuck in a rut.

  3. Cynthia Vincent says:

    great idea. I’ll join you! xoxo

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