Running Sucks

Yup, I said it. I hate running. I used to like it. When I was a kid. And about 100 lbs ago. I’m pretty sure if someone was running after me to kill me, I’d just lay down. Today was day two of Couch to 5k. I also went to the dentist beforehand. Seriously. Not sure which was more irritating. Let’s compare! Shall we?

Both things had friends at them. My friend Michelle is the teeth cleaner. My friend Barb ran with me. Ok. so we mostly wogged. (walked/jogged). call that one even.

My dentist appointment lasted 45 minutes. Wogging lasted 30 mins. point Wog.

Dentist appointment involved sharp instruments scraping my teeth. Wog involved sharp pain in my ass and legs. Point Wog. (I mean, my god the scraping!! I thought she was trying to make diamonds back there)

Dentist appointment had a view of fluorescent lights and water stains on ceiling. (seriously, would it kill them to put like a “hang in there” kitten poster or something up there?) Wogging had GORGEOUS view of the ocean. Point Wog.

Dentist cost me $160. Wogging costs me dignity. even (just barely as most of my dignity has already been lost)

Dentist is airconditioned. Wogging was done in ridiculously humid conditions. I have expected to be sprouting mushrooms out of my sneakers. Point Dentist.

I leave the Dentist with a bright, shiny smile. I end a Wog sweating more than Whitney Houston in a tanning salon and with a face redder then a clown’s nose. Point Dentist.

Well, I guess the Wog wins. Shocking!


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3 Responses to Running Sucks

  1. daveydave says:

    Amen! I’ll do it, but I hate it Kat. Even having done it 70+ miles per week back in the 80’s and 90’s make it less interesting. Maybe some trail running would be a bit more interesting. I sometimes see this older guy (notice I said older, cuz we are not so young anymore!) running on Bridge Street. His posture while running makes me think he may be the offspring of the osteoporosis-woman that walks every downtown area of America, and some poor guy that’s taken a bite from a “walker”. I often wonder why he’s running at a speed that is slower than he could walk. “Buddy, get a bike!”

  2. gilmour16 says:

    keep it up!!

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