How to stay on track even with lots going on socially.

beats me! read someone else’s blog!

failing off the rails started with a SUPER fun bachelorette party Thurs night for one of my closest friends. welllll….Friday ended up being my rest day. Friday is also the night of shenanigan’s and I participated after baking a cake and cupcakes for 7 hours. and MY GOD, my back was KILLING me! I should’ve been training for THAT! I did make a point of going home early and was in bed by 11:00 with every intention of making spinning this morning at 9:00 am. I woke up at 10. oopsy. Resting is an important part of training, right? I did get a swim in this morning and my diet was good today as there’s no room in my house at the moment for much actual food. I spent about 6 hours frosting cupcakes. You’d think there would be all kinds of temptation there. You’d be wrong. I think I’m cured of my love of cupcakes. Ugh. Maybe I should try to solve my other bad food habits with overload? Like go out and drink a ton of beer and…oh wait, yeah that hasn’t worked yet. Maybe it only works with food? I should eat a whole bag of cheese curls….oh, wait, that hasn’t worked either. mmmmm….cheese curls.

Yajaira’s wedding is tomorrow night and it’s sure to be an epic party with most of my favorite Key West folks in attendance. I’ll fit in a bike ride or swim tomorrow and a long walk with the dog. I don’t have a ton of hope of making 6:15 am spinning Monday morning, but I’m going to try!!

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