falling off the wagon

wow. when I fall, I fall hard. well, pretty easy to pinpoint when I fell. The wedding of a couple of good friends on Sunday. I had a decent workout Sunday. and Monday I was as hungover as if I was on Spring Break. Spring Break as a 41 year old. So Monday was nothing but resting on the couch cursing myself out.

Oh and I got up Monday and could barely walk. My recurring Plantar Fasciitis in my left foot flared up BIG TIME. Possibly from dancing in inappropriate footwear. which was actually confirmed by Dr. Brad. He then said no running for a week. My first thought was “YIPPEE!!!”  (yeah, not proud of that). My second thought was “oh, wait. crap.” He said I could still bike and swim though. Monday night I put on the GINORMOUS boot I have to wear at night for the Planar Fasciitis. And let me tell you, it doesn’t get easier to sleep than having a HUGE uncomfortable boot on. I guess in the night I sort of pinned down my right ankle and calf with the Boot and my right leg was KILLING me along with my left foot on Tuesday. I mean, seriously!!! Only I can injure myself with a device made TO HEAL ME. I limped my way to the pool and swam some laps but it wasn’t pretty (not that it ever is, but I digress). Today both injuries felt better and I was able to have a pretty solid swim workout.

My diet has fallen apart a bit too. That’s pretty standard for me. When one thing goes, everything follows. Oh well. tomorrow is a new day. I’m planning on going to the Spinning in the am. we’ll see how it goes!

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