Hello Fantasy Fest, Goodbye Training

Oopsy. sooooo my big workout plan for this week has fallen apart a bit. Big shock, right? I wouldn’t have gotten this big if I was a sucker for a big workout plan. I started off with the best intentions. I wasn’t doing every event this year. I did Goombay the first Friday night and went home relatively early. I didn’t drink on the boat on Saturday and the first big costume event was Sunday. The Zombie Bike Ride. I figured, “great! at least it involves exercise. The minimum amount of exercise, but still!” I got home fairly early. Though we did go to Five Guys on the way home. Didn’t get up for spinning but did swim some laps. Stayed in Monday night and then did the TuTu party. This is when the wheels really started to come off. Again, went home fairly early but was EXHAUSTED on Wednesday. Half assed bike ride and in bed by 9. And so on, and so on. You get the idea. I’ve sort of let myself off the hook a bit. I have to work all weekend and tonight is the big walking parade. I’m working out here and there. I just swam a mile in the pool. The good thing about this rainy/windy weather is there aren’t any people at the pool so I can fit it in whenever. I’m trying to keep the diet under control but I do love me some beer.

Back to Spinning on Monday. Stay tuned…..

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