Exercise every day..For Reals?

Yes, for reals. OK, I’m about to share with you my secret for kinda sorta starting and staying with an exercise program. From me? yes! Exercise every single day. It’s what ALWAYS gets me back on track. Now, what do I mean by every single day? well, just what I said! Pay attention ๐Ÿ™‚ ย It started years ago with that old chestnut: a New Year’s Resolution. Every January, that was my go to. And doesn’t it feel so good to start something like that? We all start January 1 with the best intentions. And then we fall off. Every year as long as I can remember, I start that. I see how long I can go. One year I made it all the way to January 2nd ๐Ÿ™‚ ย But one year, I made it all the way to March 22nd. It stopped when I fell down the stairs carrying my laundry (don’t worry, minor sprain, I’m used to falling, I can actually pop up pretty quick). I probably started having success losing weight and subconsciously threw myself down the stairs. But I digress.

So, exercise every day. What do I mean by that? I will finally get around to telling you now. Do I mean running 10 miles a day, swimming forever, biking a century? Hell to the no. I mean, just exercising. Whatever you can do. I aim for 30 mins (though now with the stupid tri training I have longer, set workouts in mind). But here’s the best part, 30 minutes is just one idea. It can be anything you want. It’s just training your mind to think about exercising. I’ve had days when I do it that I go all day long not exercising and then I’ll be in bed reading at like 11:00 at night and suddenly “CRAP!! I forgot to exercise!!” so I get out of bed and bust out some situps and pushups. That counts (unless you’re one of those crazy people like Lori Gilks that LOVES to workout ๐Ÿ™‚ ย But you see what I mean? and it might not work for anyone. I’m saying it works for me. Well, as long as I stay away from stairs.ย 

So join me if you want. I started today. Some yoga this morning, some vigorous cleaning of my balcony (lots of glass and scrubbing of furniture) and now I’m heading for a walk. Though sadly not a leisurely stroll ๐Ÿ™‚ I still can’t run a mile (or a half mile) I’m just walking the 5k and going to try to beat my time every time I go out. But join me and send me a comment on here or on Facebook and let me know how you’re doing. It’s nice to have the company.

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4 Responses to Exercise every day..For Reals?

  1. Martha says:

    I walked Caio for 2.5 miles today, cleaned the damn house from top to bottom, and raced my cart around all the old biddies at Hannafords.

  2. katgilmour14 says:

    Nice job! you know how I am. Of course I’m going to pop out of bed to complete a list ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. gilmour16 says:

    Dad and I walked to the ice cream store instead of driving and had frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. We followed this with more than 1 hour of yard work so that counts. Good for you for following the 30 minute rule. I’m pretty sure I’m not getting out of bed to exercise if I forgot though. Keep up the good work, we’re proud of you

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