Procrastination, THAT’S a sport I’m great at

staring into space. for awhile. that is my typical pre workout routine. In fact, I just caught myself doing it while writing this. What happens when I’m staring into space? not a whole heck of a lot. Sometimes I’m thinking about how much I don’t want to workout and have it not go well, sometimes I’m thinking about the fact that I hope I can swim, bike or walk fast, sometimes I’m wondering if someone made a move on Words with Friends and sometimes I just see something shiny and get distracted. I can waste a whole lot of time on these pressing issues. I’ve been known to sit on the footstool with one sneaker on and holding one just staring. I wish I had that burning desire to workout that so many of my friends seem to have (the bitches). Mostly I have a burning desire to lay on my couch.

Now the morning workout is a horse of a different color. Contrary to what you may think, I actually have no trouble waking up early to workout. The alarm goes off (most of the time I wake up before) and my eyes are wide open and then begins the psyche out. I seem to be more vulnerable to it in the early morning hours. Kind of like Harry letting Voldemort in his brain. Anyone? ok, moving on. So I’m awake, lying there with the workout-that-must-not-be-named rearing it’s ugly head. I mean, rewarding workout awaits. And what happens? well, first I have to check my email, facebook, Words With Friends, TMZ (I’m not proud),, Huffington Post, AP. Not necessarily in that order. OK, TMZ is usually first. (shame). then I have to pet the dog and the cat. then it’s cloudy so I have to check the weather (especially if it’s a swim morning). Keep in mind, I live in Key West. It’s almost always ok to work outside. I’m usually checking weather underground, PRAYING a big blob of red and orange is bearing down. Once, news is checked, weather is clear, animals are happy, I’m ready to start…my….workout, HEY! what’s that shiny thing? commence staring into space. Then the real mental game starts, I can give myself a mental beatdown in 5 minutes flat! cue rolling over and going back to sleep.

When I do get up and go. I’m, of course, always happy that I did it. Despite losing precious time I could’ve spent staring at the wall.

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