Duran Duran works for me

workout-wise anyway. I end up listening primarily to 80’s music while walking. And what really gets me going is Duran Duran. Specifically “Careless Memories”. Yup. True story. My pace went down to 17 min/mile when that jam came on. If Simon LeBon would just show up at the pool Say Anything style with that blasting, I’d swim like a dolphin (instead of the manatee like speed I have now). And if Simon LeBon would run or bike just ahead of me like a carrot, I could probably set new time records. I know he has the workout clothes, in fact I  know he has cut off sweatpants and my Mr Mister shirt (that one was for Sarah)

the 80’s are definitely my go to songs. If you were near me during the KW Paddleboard Classic last year, you may have (unfortunately) heard me belting out Kharma Chameleon like my life depended on it. Which it felt like it did. Sorry if you did hear it and you’re welcome. You probably paddled MUCH faster to get away from me. Not all 80’s songs work. Come on Eileen is actually way to slow. and from Milli Vanilli, Blame it On the Rain works better for me than Girl, You Know it’s True (ooh, ooh, ooh, I love you. sorry).

I listen to anything cheesy. Pussycat Dolls’ Don’t Cha? Yeah, I’ll speed walk right by you. Sorry for the dance moves. Backstreet Boys, Mamma Mia, Grease. All that helps. As does most early 90’s rap.

But mostly, and I’m not ashamed to say it, it’s Duran Duran. Thanks fellas!

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2 Responses to Duran Duran works for me

  1. Kerry says:

    We must be thinking exactly alike! I just made a big 80s playlist for my couch to 5K wogging. R has plans for us to do the Great Aloha Run at the end of February and this girl doesn’t run! Good luck!

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