losing your lunch and other joys of a trainer led workout

I’ve been meeting twice a week with the ever patient Bill Elkins from Ultimate Athletics at Stay Fit Studio for a few weeks now. and all I can say is “OUCH”.  I’ve never really worked one on one with a trainer before. I think I had one freebie session when I joined a gym ages ago and really felt like the dude didn’t have a clue as to what he was doing and ended up with an ankle injury. After 15 minutes. But I digress (as usual). The training sessions with Bill started after he generously donated a session for a silent auction for a Special Olympics fundraiser. After some heated bidding by myself and my friend Angie, I won. A few weeks went by and I got up the guts to call him. I was really intimidated by the whole process. Luckily, Bill made it very comfortable and we hit it off. And now he makes it very uncomfortable twice a week 😉

These sessions have become extremely important to me both physically and mentally. I made a deal with him (and myself) that I won’t ever bag out of a workout just because I don’t feel like going. So far, I’ve stuck with that and pride will make me keep the bargain. Physically, it’s obviously needed. I’m training for the next round of Triathlons. and I desperately need help with my core. It’s quite embarrassing how hard most of the stuff he has me do is. No matter how strong I think I am, there’s some point in the half hour (though he usually extends to 45 mins) where I look like a new born baby trying to lift a piano. I’m glad for those moments though. Never thought I’d say that! Those moments keep me going back for more. And to his credit, he never laughs at me. Let it be noted though that my workouts are always NC17 for language. My cursing during a workout would make Andrew Dice Clay blush. Oops. (and how’s that for a timely pop culture reference? sorry)

I spend a lot of time training alone (with Duran Duran). It’s easy to not take things to the next level. to let yourself get away with it. But with a trainer, oh good god. There’s the next level alright! Bill won’t let me quit or half ass it. No matter how much I curse at him. Or threaten to hurl on him. I’m painting quite the classy picture aren’t I.

We’ll see how strong our relationship is on Saturday. We’re doing the Anchors Aweigh Buddy 5k together. He wants me to do it in 45 mins. My shortest one has been 54 mins. 

Something tells me that there’s going to be a whole new level of cursing Saturday morning. Apologies to the other unsuspecting runners.

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6 Responses to losing your lunch and other joys of a trainer led workout

  1. ruthteach says:

    Love that you started with Bill through the SO fundraiser — more inspiration for me to continue on this path you are blazing. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me!

  2. Kerry says:

    You’ll do great on Saturday & I’ll bet you’ll make it in 45 min or less!

  3. You are an amazing person, capable of so many things! More then you may ever imagine. I will take you to that next level, even if it kills one of us:) Keep up the hard work. Remember it gets easier, then really really hard:) Keep it up my favorite DOG!!!

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