Funken Funk

boy oh boy. I’ve not had a very motivating couple of days. Through Sunday morning was great. I did the Key Wets Half Marathon 5k on Sunday with a good friend of mine, Gabby. She can run further and longer than I but decided to stick with me. I had a plan to do 4 mins walking then 30 seconds er running. Ok, more like shuffling. But I digress. A sore knee kept us walking more like 4 1/2 mins but we still did it in 54 mins which is 7 mins faster than the Hog Trot 5k. and I’ve never broken 1 hour in a race. I also didn’t come in last! I stuck around after my race to watch the Half Marathon people come in. It was fun to see and cheer on my friends and very inspiring. I quickly had visions of myself doing the Half next year. All was great. Then Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday I settled nicely into a Funk. 

It started Sunday night after a disappointing weigh in with the ever irrational but oh so enjoyable “I could never do a half” then Monday came. I did get up and go to spinning but was very lethargic and a bit dead legged. Tuesday was the worse though. I woke up on time to go for a “run” (wog. or walk/shuffle. wuffle?) I then proceeded to stare into space COMPLETELY DRESSED FOR A WORKOUT and stall until it was too late to go. So not only did I get up early, but I didn’t do a damn thing. I beat myself up about that until this morning. I was to get up and swim, but I changed it to a run because I don’t want to go more than two days without running. Wasted time until I only had about 30 mins to fit it in and really half assed it. 

Then redemption came. I was scheduled to go see my trainer Bill from Ultimate Athletics at Stay Fit Studio. I was dreading it all morning. Every time I got a text I was hoping it was him cancelling. I wasn’t going to cancel myself. I promised him (and me) that barring emergency (new water heater hell last friday) or if I  couldn’t leave work that I would never cancel just because I didn’t feel like it.

Well thankfully, I had the training session and it brought me back from the dead. I felt better the second I walked into the studio and great by the time I left. There’s an obvious lesson in there. No matter how dead or lazy you feel, just get dressed and go. Chances are you’ll feel better. Maybe not all the time, but most of the time.

Where did the funk come from? I was stressed about money and the water heater. So I ate badly. Saturday night I got a couple of wonderful, unexpected compliments about my weight loss. So naturally, I ate badly to counteract. Then it’s about 8 weeks until the next Tri. Self sabotage time! So naturally, I ate badly. And ignored workouts. Luckily the Funk seems much shorter lived this time around! baby steps!

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3 Responses to Funken Funk

  1. Erin says:

    “Just get dressed and go” is great advice!

  2. ruthteach says:

    That Bill is amazing! And so are you!

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