Sprintin’ Ain’t Easy

The Key West Tri Club monthly meeting was last night. It’s great to get together with like minded (ie crazy) folks and talk about all things Triathlon. There’s folks of all levels in the club from first timers up to people that have done multiple (!) Ironman Distance Tris. It’s fun to think of yourself as equal to these more advance folks. Until they start talking. Their accomplishments are incredibly impressive and awe inspiring. Like they come down from Mt Olympus on a pristine white winged horse and are delivered all shiny and sparkling for us mere mortals to ogle. How in the holy hell do you train for an Ironman? and how do you do so many Half Ironmans that you can’t remember how many you’ve done? A Sprint to me is still a seemingly impossible goal even now. And I’ve done two of them already. It’s crazy the dedication these folks have to their sport. Some come to the meeting straight from workouts. A couple of us may come straight from a bar, but I digress. They have group swims, group track workouts, they do a spin class like it’s the Tour de France. I see them all over the island biking and running. And they’re all impressive and inspiring every single time. So thanks to Roger, Dave, Makimaas, Gilbert, Betsy, Moe, Deirdre, Bradshaws, Ian, Tim, Bill, Behmke, Noelle, April and everyone else. Thanks for kicking ass and inspiring us mortals.

But for the love of you, stop referring to the Sprints as your “little training session” or I’ll trip you when you fly by me.

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