We now return to our regularly scheduled blog

I appreciate all the support but time to move on!

Happy National Running Day!! I’m going to celebrate by not cursing it out for at least the first 10 mins. sorry, that’s all I got.

My last two triathlons were DNF (Did Not Finish: Nautica) and DNS (Did Not Start: MaraTri). WHAT? what do you mean Did Not Start. Well…….I kinda sort of slept through the alarm. Yup. that happened. I went to Paris the previous week, returned the Sunday night before the MaraTri. I surprised myself (and anyone that has ever met me) by getting right up Monday morning and swimming. And I worked out all week. Friday before the race was a rest day but I had a lot to do. I was hosting a baby shower at my house after the Tri for a very good friend. Because I’m a moron, I didn’t realize that I had planned it the same day as the Tri, so I had to get everything ready Friday. OK, no problem. I got to work and had everything done in a reasonable time. Or not. I was frosting cupcakes at 11:00 that night. Oopsy. I went to bed exhausted and still jet lagged. I checked my alarm a few times making sure that it was A)Set and B)set for am not pm (did that in Miami. Thankfully my roomie Jenna had hers set too:) I fell right asleep. I woke up at 4am (30 mins before the alarm) and started mentally going over my race checklist and all the visualizing crap, I mean, exercises that I do pre race. When I next awoke it was 7:15! D’oh! No chance of making it. I know the rational thought is clearly I needed the sleep, stuff happens sometimes, etc. But I was/am totally bummed. MaraTri was my last race until September. Oh well.

That was a couple of weeks ago now. Such a gap between races I’m finding to be both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is I have time and less pressure to get the training done properly. I also tend to freak out into a state of non-activity about 5 weeks before race day. Having such a lag I can still get a lot of training in. The curse? Well, I have too much time between races. I’ve been feeling unmotivated the last week. Like completely. A lot of it is the rain. The relentless, unyielding rain. god. 

I’ve still been working out but admittedly the intensity has been a little lacking. Back on the horse as they say. 

Oh, horse back riding. I’d rather do that then run. I’d rather sit on my couch, get poked in the eye, listen to Nickelback, eat beets, watch Dance Moms, listen to or watch Taylor Swift……


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