Weight Watchers: Religiously joining and ignoring since 1995

There it was in my inbox. About every 6 months I get an email from Weight Watchers with one of their join now and save deals. And about once every year I give in and join. They have a really good program and an excellent mobile app. But here’s how it usually goes:

Day 1, I join. I feel flushed with the excitement and possibility of dropping some lbs. I feel drunk with power as I eliminate the bad foods from my kitchen. And by “eliminate” I mean “eat”. 

Day 2. A little nauseated with a food hangover and tired from a heartburn filled sleep I soldier on with “the plan”. Until lunch when the pressure is just too much and I just want a sandwich. So Miami Subs it is!

Day 3-6 See Day 2. And add “stop working out”.

Day 7. Weigh in day! shock and dismay as I realize I haven’t lost anything but gained 6 ozs.

Day 8. Start psycho (I mean cycle) again.

Day 14. Weigh in day! What? I haven’t lost any weight??? But I didn’t follow the plan!! Or exercise at all? This is total BS.

Day 15. I snap out of it and start following the plan again. Until I start losing significant weight and then I panic again.

So why do I join? I really think it’s that I like weighing in on Sunday. I’m a little obsessed with it actually. And the best (funniest?) thing about Weight Watchers? If you use the same username/login, they save your weigh ins FOREVER. So you can really see where you fall off the rails. I love numbers so you can imagine how this thrills me to no end. 

Every time I join I expect them to just call me and be like “seriously? again? You’re weight hasn’t changed in YEARS. You’re giving us a bad name”.

But they don’t. Instead I have access to unlimited advice, success stories, workouts, healthy recipes and a great plan to lose weight healthfully.

Those bastards. I gotta go weigh in now. 

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