Reality Charmed Episode 1



this is way too much of a close up of me. My hair is ON POINT though


Stephanie Kaple and I may have met doing stand up comedy with Comedy Key West but we’ve really bonded over our love of Reality TV, especially Bravo. We are Bravo’s bitches. Apparently we’ll obsessively watch whatever show they throw on there. And not just once, but over and over.

We’ve decided to launch a podcast called Reality Charmed. It will air on Island 106.9 every Tuesday at 7 pm. You can listen online, you can buy the Island 106.0 app or listen to your radio. We are going to get it up on iTunes hopefully soon.

For now, I’ll post our weekly eps here so please subscribe so you don’t miss it! and make sure you like Island 106.9 on Facebook and comment how much you like it (we don’t want your criticism! kidding! sort of). My boss at the radio station is taking a big chance letting us take over the airwaves for this so please like and comment! and thanks a ton Linda for giving us the airtime!!!


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