Bit of a Back Blog

wow. That was some case of writer’s block just didn’t feel like writing   that I had. Hard to call it “writer’s block” since I do not in any way, shape or form consider myself a writer. It’s just been a really challenging few months. After the debacle completion of the BAA Half Marathon, my body and motivation just shut the f down. I did one more Tri after that in December, the TriKW and barely got through it. Just relied on my (mostly non existent) fitness level to get me through.

Another big thing was work. This was a crazy busy winter and spring at work. Like crazy. I worked 6-7 days a week and none of them were particularly short. I still kept up with my training but between that and work I had little time for anything else.

I was also just incredibly frustrated. Felt like I was not making any strides what so ever with my training (ha! get it? strides/training. Didn’t even mean that one. I’m BACK!), I was completely exhausted and cranky like 99% of the time. Didn’t feel like I had anything to share. Super down on myself. Not losing any weight. Just a giant case of Big Babyitis. Ugh. I’m annoying myself just listing it all. Somebody call me a WAAAmbulance.

Well, things have changed in the last few days. I feel way more like myself again. I went to the doctor and it turns out I have some thyroid issues. That may not sound like good news, but it is. Because it finally explains where my total lack of energy and focus has been hiding. And it’s right in my dang throat. I got on thyroid medication last week and my energy has been great! I still err more to the side of cranky, but that’s just me 😉

I’ve started and stopped many posts over the past few months and have 4 drafts waiting to be finished. So thanks for the inquiries as to where I’ve been and how I’ve been doing and wanting to actually read this crap I post. It means a lot. I write this blog to be held accountable to myself and my training and my weight and I’m ready to get back in the fight full force.

So lookout! You’ve got a lot of rolling your eyes and pretending you read this thing, my friends!

More posts to come soon and more frequently.

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4 Responses to Bit of a Back Blog

  1. ruthteach says:

    So glad you have the thyroid issue diagnosed. To me you are a rock star! Thank you for writing and sharing all the human feelings and thoughts.

  2. ruthteach says:

    So glad you have the thyroid issue diagnosed. To me you are a rock star! Thank you for writing and sharing all the human feelings and thoughts.

  3. Kerry says:

    Glad you are back and figured out the thyroid problem. It makes a huge difference for most people. I look forward to keeping up with you as I try again (for the hundredth time) to commit to and enjoy running (ok maybe just jog/walking).

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