Back in the Saddle

Ugh. Motivation. didn’t have it. and didn’t have the motivation to even look for it har har. I’m not saying I’m gonna buckle down and hit up IMKona 2016, but, I will get back into it now with renewed vigor. ugh. Ok, about as much vigor as I can muster. 6 1/2 weeks until Rocketman Tri! 1/4 mile swim, 30 (!) mile bike (wtf was I thinking?!) and a 5k.

Where did I lose the motivation? Injury, sucking at triathlon, too busy at work, tired, bored, blah, blah, blah. What’s changed? Injury is better, still suck but found the fun again, work has slowed a smidge, still tired, bored (mostly just by my writing, anyone reading this besides my Mom?) and blah blah blah.

Down here, we’re so unbelievably lucky that we can train all year round, but then we never have an off season. This knee injury forced me to just stop. For 4 weeks, no swimming, no biking, no running. Just resting and walking. For 4 weeks. Week 1? felt restless and angry. Week 2? Guilty for not working out. Week 3? Guilty for loving the break. Week 4? Guilt free enjoyment of the mental and physical break from training.

This week has been the absolute most enjoyable training week I’ve had in a couple of years. Best, most effortless (though really short) run, fun biking, spinning and swimming.

What’s then takeaway? Listen to your body. Listen to your brain. Though I may be starting off further back than I’d like, the break saved me from a breakdown and likely walking away from Tri.

Back in the saddle, indeed!

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3 Responses to Back in the Saddle

  1. Ruth Marie says:

    I’m sure that fabulous vacation with your Mom was just the medicine you needed to get back into the swing of things

  2. Sarah Evans says:

    You totally crack me up! And keep me going with my own pathetic attempts at training!!!

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