We now interrupt this training program…

Table 1, Me Zero. (lifetime: Table 524, Me Zero)

A couple of weeks ago I got a beautiful new sofa table to go against a long stretch of empty wall in my living room. This spot has been empty (except when there’s a Christmas Tree) since I moved in almost 5 years ago. I had just finished putting it together when the phone rang and then BAM!!! drove my left foot as hard as I could into the table. Saweet. Broken. 

That was 2 weeks and many many missed workouts ago. Which brings up an interesting and ironic situation for me. I have been unable to run for the past 2 weeks. Or ride my road bike. And I actually miss both of those things greatly. Usually I look forward to my morning attempts at running with as much enthusiasm as ARod taking a pee test but lately I’ve been waking up at my usually time and getting cranky cause I can’t go out for a run. It’s really really bizarre and I hope it lasts.

I’ve been mostly swimming and pool running. For those that don’t know, pool running is not, sadly, chasing down a cabana boy for a frosty beverage. It’s hanging out in the deep end of the pool with a noodle (I use my kick board) and running in place for a no impact workout. I know it sounds boring and I’m here to tell you, it absolutely is. And if you think you look stupid doing it, well you’re right. I of course look cool and like an athlete. But you look insane. I have my waterproof shuffle and usually sing along to alleviate the boredom. I keep waiting for one of my neighbors to call the cops. Weirdest thing of all is that it seems like it works. I’ve felt sore after doing it for a few days. The test will be when I get the ok to run again. It’ll be interesting to see if I can pick up close to where I left off. Interesting to me anyway. 

8 1/2 weeks until TriKW!


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