DNF Nautica

Well, a couple of days have gone by. For those that don’t know, I didn’t get to finish the Nautica South Beach Triathlon. Sort of had an epic fail on the bike which led to an epic fall which led to me missing the bike cut off. I was pretty much devastated and inconsolable on Sunday. and Monday. and, if I’m being honest, Tuesday. It just sucked to train and be psyched (and terrified) and then not be able to complete it. Not to mention a little embarrassing. But there was a lot to take from the experience too.

The swim was horrifying. Like 4-6′ seas. As we stood on the beach waiting for our wave to start we saw person after person being brought back to shore. That was a little deflating to watch. Seemingly fit people not being able to do it. Renee and I were in the same wave. It was straight off the beach to the first buoy head on into the rough seas. Then it was a 90 degree turn down the beach side to for most of it, then a right turn into the beach (which you would basically surf in). It seemed like we just had to make it to the buoy and we’d be fine. The horn blasted and I ran into the water. Just kidding, I totally walked. Renee and I decided that we could pretty much walk most of the way to the buoy before the turn. Good plan except that the waves were HUGE. I hung out in the back (so as not to get run over) and just kept diving under the waves and kicking through. It was extremely unnerving having so many people panicking all around me. THANK GOD (or, you know, my parents) that I grew up swimming in the ocean and have almost zero fear of swimming in it. That’s not to say I didn’t have some trouble. I rounded the buoy and the waves were coming at my left side. Every time I got some momentum, I ended up inhaling salt water. I’ve never drunk that much salt water in my life! It was slow going, but I made it through the swim and was pretty happy with my time despite the conditions. The takeaway from the swim is that I can swim in any conditions. Though very very slowly.

Though the bike was mostly a disaster, I did manage to pass some people (2 of them on the first bridge!). Ok, most were on mountain bikes, but whatevs, TOTALLY counts. I have definitely improved on the bike, though I have a ways to go. I also got that pesky “can’t clip out, fall over” moment that everyone has warned me about out of the way. check. Kinda wish it didn’t happen in the middle of a race, but you can’t have everything!

Other things I learned, better prepare for a LONG ass way to the transition area for a bigger race, no matter how odd the hotel: 3 blocks from the race is worth it, make sure you set your alarm for am and not pm (sorry Jenna), the urinal in the port a potty makes a convenient spot for the traditional pre race vomit and no matter how much I hate Miami:I have to do this race again next year and finish.

I feel like I was in a car crash. My whole right side is tight and twisted and just plain sore. I’ve worked out a bit the past couple of days. Running hurts the most so I’m easing back into that. The best part of the race was really all of the Key West folks up there. It’s a great group to be a part of and I’m inspired and motivated by them all every single day. Having the words of encouragement and support made a difficult day not so bad. Congrats to my fellow islanders that completed it and rocked it! Up next is MaraTri next month (I’m just doing the mini), hopefully the Falmouth Tri in July too!

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  1. You – are a Rock Star. =o)*

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